Storage Solutions

Designing how your new kitchen will look is just the start. Making it look ‘pretty’ on the outside, so when you first walk into the room you get that feeling something special has happened, is for us, the easy part. Making it function properly and getting the most out of the space is the clever bit. For Atlantic, function comes first. Correct spacing of equipment in any room is critical so that you can move easily between appliances and not clash with anything. Most of us don’t have as much space as we would like, that’s where clever storage solutions come into play.

Once you have established the recognised ‘working triangle’ between sink, oven/hob and fridge, it’s how easy you make everything else to reach that counts. Pan drawers with separators to enable food stuffs and utensils to be kept easily separated are a real boon. Frying pans of different sizes to be laid on their sides for quick and easy identification and removal. Utensil drawers directly under the hob with dividers keeping spatulas, wooden spoons etc., separate and immediately to hand while cooking are so helpful they enable you to spend more time enjoying your cooking. Ovens at eye-level with warming drawers conveniently placed beneath and slide-out waste bins with separate compartments for food and recyclables. 

Magic-corner pull-out wirework to make full use of awkward corner units and wire-work pull-outs of all shapes and sizes for almost every application. Spice drawers and racks, drawers within drawers to provide extra storage on the inside with a cleaner less fussy look outside. Push-button wall cupboards which open and close themselves at the touch of a button. A set of fridge drawers instead of a built-under fridge to lessen the need to bend when getting the milk.

With an Atlantic kitchen, what you see on the outside is not necessarily all you get. Speak to one of our designers today, they will be happy to demonstrate the options available.