Atlantic offer a huge choice of heating solutions for bathrooms and kitchens from traditional panel radiators, towel rail radiators, plinth heaters and electric under floor heating as well as fan heaters. The key thing to consider when altering the heat source in a given room, particularly a bathroom where the desire is to compliment the room with one of the many stunning designs of towel rail, is to ensure that the towel rail is correctly specified to provide the correct amount of heat output for a given room size.

This key factor is often overlooked and is critical to the function of the room as nobody wants to step out of a lovely hot bath or shower into a cold bathroom. There is a simple calculation that needs to be done based on the volume and the structure of the room, taking into account wall and floor construction, building design and material, number of windows and so on. Once the correct level of heat has been calculated the next thing is to decide is where and how to position the radiator or indeed, radiators for best effect. With traditional cast iron, white or brightly coloured painted, chrome-plated and the increasingly popular polished or satin stainless steel, the choices of finish, shape and size are almost endless.

Often overlooked as a feature in its own right, the decorative towel rail can really add the final touch to any Atlantic installation. We have a large range of them on display and countless styles to choose from. Towel rails can also be electric-only powered or duel fuel. Where the radiator comes on with the heating in the winter and can be individually turned on for the bathroom on chilly summer evenings without having to put the heating on for the whole house! Then there is under floor heating! Essential if you are tiling the floor with ceramics or porcelain as these are generally much colder to the touch than traditional vinyl or carpets. This programmable system of electric lace wires under the tiles takes the chill off the whole room and when combined with a decorative radiator, provides the best combination of warmth and useful towel storage.

We hold a large library of photographs at the showroom which helps clients to appreciate the options we can provide and how different colour schemes can complement a room, so call in and ask to see what we can offer. You won’t be disappointed.