The kitchen worktop is the place it all happens.

From cutting, chopping, mixing, rolling, serving up and even dining at, every task rotates around this invaluable work area and the more you have of the one you like, the better!

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There is a wide range of different kitchen surfaces to choose from and with considerable colour choice in each, you will always be able to find one that and gives you the look and feel you want and one which compliments your door choice and texture perfectly.

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So, which ones do Atlantic offer? All of them;- including good quality laminates from Duropal, Bushboard, Egger and Axiom providing the best compromise of quality and investment; solid real wood providing the unrivalled compliment to any country kitchen with its naturally oiled surface; man-made solid surface and acrylic-capped board such as Getacore and Mistral providing a seam-free installation and high durability; Corian, the original contender for natural stone which offers the opportunity to create curves and seamless up stands; the natural beauty of real Granite & Marble with their timeless appeal and totally unique markings on each piece, there is nothing better to roll out pastry on; then there are the granite alternatives such as Silestone Quartz which is impregnated with Microban antibacterial agent providing one of the hardest wearing, stain-resistant and cleanest kitchen surfaces around; and solid Glass which can be manufactured in various thicknesses and painted on the reverse in any colour you like giving you that totally unique finish, ideal for work surfaces or splash backs!

The decision on which surface is best suited to your installation can depend on your choice of sink and hob and our experienced designers can advise on which work surface offers you the best compromise of finish and suitability to best suit your design. With all natural solid surfaces and some man-made solid surfaces, comes the option of an under-mount sink, integrated drainer grooves and trivet bars, waste hatches, flush line hobs and your choice of edge detail. Suffice to say that a well-chosen premium work surface can lift even a simple and inexpensive door style to give an overall impression of real luxury!

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