Bedroom Furniture Showroom in Norwich

In addition to our ranges of fitted & sliding bedroom furniture, we also have a wide variety of freestanding bedroom furniture available. This is ideal for those who prefer the flexibility of being able to move their furniture around, if they are unsure on room layout, or indeed so they can take it with them to a new property. 

Much like our other ranges, we offer plenty of variety, so our freestanding furniture is available in many different looks and finishes. From real timber, to painted wood to advance laminated and textured materials. Most of the ranges have matching drawer chests, beside drawers and dressing tables so you often get everything you need and achieve a totally co-ordinated look.

Versatile, Durable Freestanding Bedroom Furniture

We have put together a selection of some of the ranges in the galleries below, if you would like more information on what is available please come and see us at the showroom where we can take you through the full offering.



Arrange for one of our talented designers to come and make your dream bedroom a reality...