Kitchen lighting, Handles, Storage Solutions, Waste Bin Systems & More

Now that you have picked your kitchen style, chosen the work surfaces, the appliances, sinks and taps that will make your kitchen a dream to live with, it’s time to put the finishing touches to it!

The handles are a key part of kitchen design. On the one hand they offer the final touch on setting the look of the kitchen, on the other they are very functional and are going to be used thousands of times and need to fall easily to hand and be durable. We have simply hundreds to choose from.

Lighting plays a huge part in any kitchen. On the one hand you want it bright over the cooking and food preparation areas and on the other hand, at night you may just want some mood lighting to set the scene for a romantic meal or simply to save putting on bright lights when grabbing a quick bag of popcorn during the adverts!


Atlantic install a wide range of lighting, from simple surface mounted single fittings to multiple recessed dimmable down lights, pendant lighting and mood lighting. LED lighting is very effective and offers high light output in many different colour temperatures, you will also enjoy low running cost and brilliant life span from these products. LED lighting can be incorporated in ceiling down lights, task lighting and feature lights which can be discreetly placed under kitchen wall units or in the plinth to provide light around the kitchen perimeter or indeed an island.

The splash backs behind the hob and work areas can provide an opportunity to incorporate some colour and some protection to the walls at the same time. Tiles, coloured glass, Stainless steel or the work top material can be used to provide up stands or hob splash backs.

The flooring in the kitchen is also key to both the look and practicality of the design and tiles or Luxury Vinyl Tiles such as Amtico, provide a superb surface that will complement the kitchen and provide an easy surface to clean and maintain. Atlantic provide tiling and flooring as an integral part of the fitting service.

Finally, decoration and blinds. Atlantic can repair any poor surfaces or cover Artex and textured surfaces with new plaster and then decorate areas in any colour combination you prefer. Blinds made to measure with colour swatches brought to your home provide you with the chance to finish off the room in a colour that compliments everything else. The complete service, all in house.