Burbidge Kitchen Range In Norwich

We know your kitchen will be one of the places in your world you will feel most “at home” and we want you to be very comfortable in the choice you make. After all, you don’t buy a kitchen very many times in your life – we want to give you that instinctive sense of satisfaction derived from choosing well.

It’s important to us that you love your Burbidge kitchen, we want you to tell all your friends what a great decision you’ve made, why not? Don’t worry when they all want one - we’ve got over 14 different styles, most of which are available in the full painted range of 25 stunning colours – that’s quite a lot of individual choice if you work it out. We even have the option of manufacturing certain ranges in totally bespoke paint options, allowing you to have something totally unique.

We realise every living space is different and unique and over the years we’ve been building our ranges to the same levels of quality and attention to detail in design across a broad spectrum of styles and materials – but all with our unique sense of British timelessness.


Your kitchen cabinets will be made right here in Norfolk


During our comprehensive showroom appointments you will choose your preferred cabinet colour and corresponding edge material that you would like for the interior of your units.

Once selected this material will be processed by a CNC Nesting Machine which accurately cuts and drills each board into the individual components required for your kitchen, ensuring maximum efficiency, minimal waste and absolute precision.

The cut material is then edged by a computer programmed edge banding machine. We choose to use ABS edging for it's durability and environmental advantages over PVC and other plastics.


Once the edge banding process is completed your kitchen furniture is then hand assembled. Our base units are dowelled and pocket screwed, and our wall units are glued, dowelled and then pressed to ensure they remain absolutely true and square giving the most consistent finish.

Your kitchen is then carefully packaged and loaded onto the dedicated delivery vehicle to ensure it arrives safely at your home.


The factory manages waste responsibly by burning waste material to create heat for the building and recycling other waste products wherever possible.

Burbidge Door Ranges

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