Finishing Touches

Designing how your new bedroom will look is just the start. Making it look ‘pretty’ on the outside, so when you first walk into the room you get that feeling something special has happened, is for us, the easy part.

Making sure it gives you the storage you need and that it is laid out internally how you need it is the clever part. For Atlantic, function comes first. Most of us don’t have as much space as we would like, that’s where clever storage solutions come into play.

Your wardrobes can be divided up into various layouts to suit your own personal taste. Tall hanging for ladies gowns and long coats and short hanging for jackets, blouses and shirts with shoe and tie storage racks, underwear and sock drawers. The combinations are endless and with interior lighting you can make it very easy to find that favourite gown!

With an Atlantic fitted bedroom, what you see on the outside is not necessarily all you get. Speak to one of our designers today, they will be happy to demonstrate the options available.