Bathroom Project in Thorpe St Andrew

The Roderick’s had a large room that wasn’t utilised as well as it could be. There were countless nooks and crannies to keep clean, a shower enclosure behind the door, and an unused bath. The decision was made to take the bath out completely, and have a large, stunning walk-in Kudos shower enclosure in its place. The large space allowed for the spectacular Jersey Mix tiles from Porcelanosa to cover most of the room. It’s a bold and modern room, full of functionality and practicality that will last for years to come.


wall hung

The old furniture was removed to make way for a beautiful tiled wall which housed the concealed toilet frame and allowed us to introduce appropriate fixings in preparation for hanging the wall hung basin unit. We levelled off the boxing with the existing windowcill, which created a deep, usable storage surface adjacent to the basin. We created a recessed alcove in the wall inside the showering area for storing bottles and showering products. 

Roderick Bathroom (3).jpeg

shower position

Whilst we had the opportunity to bring the shower pipework down inside the newly created stud work wall, we intentionally encouraged our customers to consider positioning the shower on the 'long' shower wall. Whilst this was a little more work, we were able to push the shower valve further away from the corner, giving them the benefit of extra arm room when showering.

Roderick Bathroom (6).jpeg

additional storage

Storage was available within the modern wall hung basin unit but to provide even more storage space we manufactured a matching tall storage unit – which took the place of the old shower enclosure behind the door. The stainless steel radiator was located on the adjacent wall, a short reach from the shower!