Supply Only

Atlantic are happy to assist customers looking to purchase equipment only on a DIY basis and offer help to those who wish to undertake the installation themselves by explaining how the components go together and the correct way in which they should be installed. 

A design service is available in the shop; just bring in some measurements of the room in question with as much information as you can and we will happily sit with you and look at how best to improve the layout and determine what will fit. 

We can put together a shopping list of items needed, look at the available alternatives and provide a great deal on supply only orders. 

Also, if you want to explore the possibility of Atlantic carrying out the fitting, we can provide a reasonably accurate estimate on the spot, which can be confirmed following a survey.

 If you are going to bring in your own measurements, here are some tips; draw the room shape and take measurements of all walls from corner to corner and also from corner to any opening i.e. door/window/serving hatch, and then from the opening to the corner and so on all the way around the room. Measure the height and width of windows and also how far up the wall the openings are. Get the ceiling height and add any other information you can i.e. where is the toilet soil pipe, in the floor or the wall, what is its centre from the nearest corner or how far from the wall is the centre of the hole in the floor. Is there a soil stack in the corner and so on. Make a note of where the mains water stop tap is and also where the electrical fuse board is situated and any other information you think is relevant. If you have a digital camera, bring in some pictures, we have a multi-card reader at the showroom!

If you are going the DIY route and want us to check your measurements we will be happy to do this before we order your list of items. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.