The kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to meet and eat, relax and get creative. Choosing the right appliances is essential and can make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure. Whatever your skill level or ambition, we will help you to find the perfect products to assist your creative flair and push the boundaries of your culinary skill.

We are enthusiastic about our products and extremely knowledgeable about the features and benefits of them. We major with both  Neff and Siemens Premium Home Appliances brands. However, we can also supply virtually every other major domestic appliance manufacture, including Bosch, AEG, Luce By Hotpoint, Rangemaster, Falcon, Elica, Hotpoint, Glen Dimplex, Belling, Leibherr, Caple, Flavel and Best Hoods to name but a few.

Our passion, experience and knowledge have earned us the highly esteemed 3 Star Neff MasterPartner® Accreditation. This means we are well-placed to explain how you could benefit from the latest technologies and products our industry has to offer. To help assist you we have put together some information and videos you may find very useful.


What is a Neff MasterPartner®?

Looking for new appliances can be a daunting experience, especially if you are planning a new kitchen at the same time. That’s why Neff selected whom they feel are some of their very best dealers to be there to guide you in your choice of appliance.

masterpartner_5logoAs a 5 Star Neff MasterPartner® we have a well-equipped quality showroom, designed to inspire you to choose the kitchen and appliances of your dreams. We display an extensive range of Neff appliances on including; ovens and hobs, extractor hoods and compact appliances. These feature in different combinations, so that you can decide what looks best and what’s right for you!

Neff requires that our displays are functional allowing customers to experience just how easy they are to use by seeing the controls fully operational. You’ll be able to see the unique oven features such as the revolutionary Slide & Hide® door, Pyrolitic Self Cleaning, Neff light and the ComfortFlex telescopic rail system. We have a fully functional working display kitchen where we periodically conduct Live Cooking presentations, you can engage with the chef’s and learn how to get the very best out of your investment.

We have dedicated staff in kitchen design and installation, who are also experts in Neff appliances, with experience gained over many years of working in partnership with Neff. We ensure that all staff involved with appliances attend training sessions at the Neff Head Office and are constantly kept up to date with new products and their features. Our 5 Start Accredited MasterPartner Status means you will enjoy exclusive promotions when buying through Atlantic. Check out our offers section for more details, or give us a call to arrange a design appointment.

We are confident that visiting us will provide you with the best opportunity to see and touch Neff appliances, talk you through the benefits of their product and offer you the highest level of service to ensure you get the cooking solution best suited to your lifestyle, ensuring you are delighted with your choice.

More information on Neff MasterPartner® accreditation can be found by following the link below;

Please read on to find out more about the latest technology used in today’s modern appliances.

Induction Cooking

Induction hobs have a strong electro magnet (or induction coil) positioned just under the ceramic cooking zones. When you switch on the zone you want to use and place a ferrous metal bottomed pan on it, this completes an electric circuit and heat is transferred evenly to the pan and its contents.

It’s clean and it’s clever, and once you start using it, you’ll never look back! First of all there’s the look. Ceramic induction hobs are sleek, shiny, and smooth – they complement the minimal, uncluttered lines of today’s chicest kitchens. If you want a style that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it’s uncompromisingly modern, this is undoubtedly the hob for you.

Cleaning couldn’t be easier. There are no parts to remove or difficult nooks and crannies to negotiate with a cloth, just a flat, non-porous surface which can be easily cleaned. Because the areas around the circular zones remain cool even during cooking, if food spills or boils over, it won’t ever get ‘burnt on’ to the surface. On a daily basis, induction hobs are wonderfully easy to maintain and keep spotlessly clean, which is what you want when you’re preparing food.

The speed of induction cooking is one of its major benefits. Cooking zones heat up remarkably quickly, and if you need a boost of power, it can be easily transferred from zone to zone when required. Induction is also extremely controllable and energy efficient; as soon as a saucepan is removed it breaks the circuit, so the heat diffuses instantly. A responsible choice, but also one that saves you money on electricity bills. Only the base of the pan heats up, so only the precise amount of energy you need is ever used – there’s never any wasted heat disappearing around the sides of the pan.

We should all be safety conscious around the kitchen, but in households where children or elderly people live, you need to be particularly careful. Because of the way they work, induction hobs provide a virtually failsafe solution, particularly those with Neff’s ‘Point & Twist’ control. This control knob is removable and can be stored away from the hob making it 100% child proof. Neff ‘Point & Twist’ models will only operate when the magnetic central control knob is in place. Even if the controls are turned on accidentally on any induction hob, the surface will only start heating up if a saucepan is placed on one of the zones.

All Neff induction hobs feature automatic pan recognition – the zone will only heat up if it “senses” a saucepan with a smooth, flat base with suitable diameter in position. This ensures that the hob will not heat up if smaller items such as metal spoons are accidently left on the induction zones. If you are unsure about the suitability of your existing saucepans, test the base with a magnet. In most cases if the magnet sticks, the pans are made from ferrous metal and are therefore suitable for use on induction hobs.

Steam Cooking

With healthy eating high on everyone’s agenda, steam cooking has become an increasingly popular option in the kitchen.

The latest advanced steam combination ovens allow you to combine hot air cooking and steaming at the same time. This means you can prepare all sorts of foods – bread, meat and fish, for example – keeping them beautifully moist on the inside, but satisfyingly crispy on the outside.

Steam ovens will cook meals that not only taste good, but are good for your health. As well as sealing in all the vitamin and mineral content of fresh food, steaming also preserves natural flavours, so less salt is required. Wonderfully easy to use and clean, they’re versatile and highly energy efficient too, able to cook a whole range of fresh meals at low temperatures.

Most steam ovens are a ‘compact height’ and can therefore be mixed and matched with other compact cooking appliances to achieve a sleek bank of built in appliances if required.

Compact Appliances

Nowadays manufactures have developed extensive ranges of clever compact appliances, designed to enable you to extend your range of cooking options. Compact appliances can include everything from Microwave ovens, compact ovens, built-in Combination Steam ovens, Steamers, warming drawers, Coffee centres and even dishwashers!

Combination microwave oven models give you the extra flexibility you need in the kitchen; they can wonderfully mimic traditional cooking methods in a fraction of the time. Of course, styling and quality is just the same as full sized appliances, and we now offer a Seamless Combination Kit which allows you to mix and match components whilst maintaining a fully integrated look. There’s no reason small can’t be beautiful.